Contained within chairman of the Audit Bureau of Circulations Stephen Hollings’ tart letter of 27 September, that
denied any link between the ABC’s “review of auditing procedures” and
Crikey’s six month expose of widespread rorting of audited circulations, was the claim that if we had any
“hard evidence of circulation rorts”, then the Bureau would investigate these

Crikey has meticulously picked over the
last six
months of archived allegations of circ rorts sent in by our readers,
who happen to include media and publishing insiders, circulation
department workers, newsagency and small business owners and interested
members of the public, and have included the list of allegations in a
letter to Dr Hollings.

We toyed with sending this letter by pigeon carrier, but
settled on replying by fax, which Hollings seems to prefer over the more modern
method of correspondence that we like to call email.

Peter Fray

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