of the key results of proposed changes to cross media ownership laws
will be the concentration of more political power in the hands of
Rupert Murdoch and his duo of attack-dog columnists, Andrew Bolt in
Melbourne’s Herald Sun and Piers Akerman in TheDaily Telegraph.

the big issues break the Bolt-Akerman pincer movement can often be
relied upon to run the same line for their combined 2,717,000 readers
in their Sydney and Melbourne tabloids – arguments that, coincidentally
no doubt, reflect Rupert Murdoch’s own political views and
empire-building objectives.

Take a look a few recent examples of the Bolt/Ackerman pincer movement in action:

Kyoto Protocol:
AKERMAN (17 February): “Only the Greens and the blinkered premier of
NSW could have celebrated the enforcement of the meaningless Kyoto
Protocol on gas emissions yesterday… The Greens and Mr Carr seem to
take their information on climate change from Hollywood scripts and
dubious modelling from committed environmentalist think-tanks rather
than from the informed consensus.”

(18 February): “ …. Professor John Christy of the University of Alabama
in Huntsville, asks “Will increases in carbon dioxide affect the
climate significantly? Are significant changes occurring now? Climate
models suggest the answer is yes. Real data suggests otherwise… This
is why Lindzen calls the Kyoto accord, which demands expensive cuts to
our emissions, ‘absurd’. But so much is absurd in the global warming
hysteria, not least the media’s willing surrender of its reason.”

Paul McGeough
(22 June): ”Even the jury of this year’s Graham Perkin Award, headed by
the ABC’s Kerry O’Brien, said it could make no ‘informed assessment’ on
the truth of McGeough’s story, although it still named him our
Journalist of the Year for his ‘wide body of work’ in Iraq – work which
persuaded many Australians Iraq was a hell-hole.”

AKERMAN (23 June): “Kerry O’Brien, host of ABC TV’s 7.30 Report
and chairman of the panel which gave McGeough his Perkin award, said
lamely that the judges could not make a final positive or negative
judgement on the Allawi story – so they put it to one side… But given
McGeough’s track record, it would seem that O’Brien and his fellow
judges were prepared to overlook the obvious disbelief about McGeough’s
incredible reportage and give him the prestigious award because his own
boy’s tales of derring do accorded most closely with their political

Radical Islam
BOLT (10 August):
“How much longer can we pretend our Muslim clerics are mainly moderates
who are allies in our war against Islamist terror?… As I’ve warned
for years, the duty of Muslim leaders is not just clear, but urgent…
They must take responsibility for the extremists in their midst and
fight them. They must attack those who, like bin Laden, make so many
Australians fear their faith. They must join themselves to us, and side
with us against our enemies.”

AKERMAN (11 August): “Moderate Muslims must disown these monsters and
their particular perverse stream of Islam and the fifth column
apologists for such evil-doers should join them in branding all those
who proclaim their support for terror as outlaws… Those within
Australia who encouraged Hicks and his Aussie-accented brother-in-blood
to take the path of violence and terror must be hunted with the same
energy used by allied troops in Iraq and Afghanistan … “

Global Warming
BOLT (September 28):
“How did Flannery come to write such stuff? Is it because he didn’t
care enough to check? Or because he – like so many now – thinks the
truth isn’t sacred when the world needs/saving from wicked humans?
Whatever. We are in danger when myths rule men’s minds. You should be
scared when even a Flannery seems to lose his reason to our new green

AKERMAN (September 29): “Museum curator Tim ‘Calamity’ Flannery has been hitting the headlines
hard with predictions of the end of civilisation as we know it as he
promotes his new disaster tome The Weather Makers. However, with just as much certainty, a plethora of meteorologists have
deluged the airwaves with their view that nothing out of the ordinary
is taking place… The doomsday predictions are the mantra of the world’s newest
quasi-religion, environmentalism, and, like converts everywhere, those
newly born into Gaia’s flock aren’t worried about the facts because
they have the faith and conviction.”

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