If you’re sick of hearing about Iron Mark and have already worn out your copy of The Latham Diaries, you might want to check out some diary and blog extracts from another anonymous Labor insider that have been causing a stir around the corridors of the Victorian Parliament.

For months now, Victorian Labor watchers have been following disgraced Labor businessman turned blogger Andrew Landeryou’s wild attacks on his former comrades. So Crikey was excited to come across Andrew Slandersyou – a Labor insider’s return fire which takes the form of a series of imaginary Landeryou diary entries.

The mock entries kick off in 2004, when Landeryou skipped the country for Costa Rica rather than face court over his dealings with the Melbourne Uni student union:

I am missing all of my Melbourne buddies terribly, against my better judgement I have brought my mobile phone with me, knowing that it may give off a signal which will allow the authorities to track me down. I turn it on for five minutes every morning to see if any of them have rung me… strangely not even Dimberley has yet.

I think I am finally deep enough into the forest to avoid ASIO, tomorrow I must start to dig the hole in which I can bury the “booty from the uni”, years from now I will return and claim what is rightfully mine, by then I will be a hero and will be able to use my money to thaw out Ronnie Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. Together we will rule the world in a Triumvirate which will last a hundred years. www.andrewslandersyou.blogspot.com

The identity of the Labor blogger responsible for the site is apparently one of the better kept secrets in Victorian politics, although it’s hard to figure out why. Having a go at Landeryou these days guarantees you the same number of new enemies in the ALP as you’d attract claiming you always suspected Latham was a bit of a nutter. Zero.