the Western Australian Liberal Party is the most incompetent and discredited
Liberal organisation in Australia. The Party’s
forthcoming State conference will be a test of whether it understands and is
prepared to do something about its standing and reputation by dumping its
Senior Vice President, Mathias Corman.

Just months
ago, Ms Lorraine Allchurch, a highly respected former long serving senior
office bearer who had chaired both of Sir Charles and Richard Court’s State
electorate campaigns appeared on an ABC current affairs program to give an
account of her recent experiences within the Party which she described as

Allchurch recounted her dealings with Mr Peter Collier, a former State
Executive member whom she publicly accused of forging membership application
forms in his bid to obtain parliamentary preselection. Mr Collier has declined
to take legal action against Ms Allchurch and the various other people who have
also openly made the same allegations against him.

Collier was
elected at the last State election, dumping a sitting Upper House member, Alan
Cadby who promptly resigned from the Liberal Party and used his vote to support
Labor’s one vote one value legislation. The Party was aware prior to Cadby’s
dumping that he was sympathetic to one vote one value legislation and that his
vote would be crucial to its passage.

consequence has been a redistribution which has put State government beyond the
reach of the Liberal Party in the foreseeable future.

In a lunacy
which seems rational only to some senior office bearers of the Liberal Party,
Collier having for selfish personal ambition, colluded to dump a competent one
term sitting member and in doing so, costing the Party any prospect of winning
the next election, was subsequently nominated for a high honour for services to
the Party.

principal collaborator in Collier’s election and the consequential abolition of
a number of safe liberal rural seats through the redistribution was a Mr
Mathias Corman whose principal claim to fame is the disastrous role he has
played in two previous State election campaigns.

At the time
Collier and Corman were destroying the Liberal Party, not to mention the careers
of a number of country members whose seats were abolished, Corman was State
Senior Vice President of the WA Party. As if to demonstrate that this madness
was no aberration there appears little if any attempt to dump Corman from his
position at the annual conference to be held this weekend.

Corman was
recently caught using the resources of his employer, a non profit private
insurance fund, to attack his opponents including abusing a Liberal woman
candidate for being too old. The candidate is a number of years younger than
the recently elected WA liberal Senator, Judith Adams.

The fact
that Corman, who is desperately working to get himself a Senate pre-selection, apparently
sees no immorality in using the resources of the long suffering members of a
private health fund, many of whose older members are struggling to pay their premiums,
is an interesting commentary on his view of community service.