Glenn Dyer reports:

The Winners Two step, Tango, Waltz. It’s Tuesday night and Dancing With
the Stars
is on. Seven’s the winner, despite a dip of 80,000 viewers on the week
before. Nine’s Tuesday night was fruitless, especially as in some TV guides it
had advertised a new episode of CSI, but screened a repeat. The new episode of
CSI New York did just okay at 9.30pm with 1.16 million and was easily beaten by
All Saints on Seven with 1.348 million. Ten did well with the new series,
Brainiac, a sort of ‘Experiments Busters’ program, which attracted 1.091 million.
Thanks to that, the new Simpsons and solid outings by Neighbours, Rove and a
repeat saw Ten win the 16 to 39 age group, which is what it’s after.
Seven’s Home and Away continues to outperform Temptation, which was watched by
1.339 million but the guys and gals of Summer Bay were more than 230,000
The Losers

No one really. Dancing With The Stars makes a large
sucking sound when it appears on Tuesday nights, hoovering up viewers. Seven’s Last Man Standing is dying, but we know

News & CA Seven News and Today Tonight won easily nationally and in
Sydney. Seven News came within 10,000 of Nine News in Melbourne, TT easily won
Melbourne. Nine News and ACA won Brisbane. Seven’s programs were the winners in
Adelaide and Perth: a comprehensive win to both.
The Stats Seven with 33.7%, from Nine on 27.8%, Ten with 20.8%,
the ABC was down on 12.7% and SBS had 4.9%. Seven won Sydney, Melbourne,
Adelaide and Perth, Nine won Brisbane.
Glenn Dyer’s
That’s Tuesday night and so long as Dancing With The Stars
remains popular and on TV, it will be Seven’s night. Tonight Ten will do better
thanks to House. The big interest will be on McLeod’s Daughters when and how
the gradual emergence of much stronger male characters occurs, a big switch for
Nine which is trying to pump some UST into McLeod’s. The ABC’s Spicks and Specks
should also do well, while Seven’s Blue Heelers isn’t on death row as
discussions continue with Southern Star about its 2006 future. But tonight it
will struggle, especially as Nine has, according to some guides, new episodes of
CSI Miami and Without a Trace. We should
know Friday just what Blue Heelers’s future will be in