Boys and their toys: The colonies used to have armies. Navies, too.
Federation came along before airforces, and defence became a Commonwealth
responsibility. So it appears that the prime minister decided to use his toys
to make a point when he met the premiers yesterday to discuss terror laws. Two
RAAF copters, carting what looked like large missiles, were on patrol all
afternoon. Mostly theatre
– but it does make you feel a bit uneasy. As it’s supposed to do.

Parliamentary stoners: After our discussions last week on who goes
choofing in the corridors of power, how can we forget this quote from John
Birmingham’s Dopeland: “It goes without saying that I’ve bonged on with any
number of journalists and publishers, that’s hardly news. But Lordy how I wish
I could tell you the name of the arch conservative politician who packs a cone
like a master of the f*cking universe.” It’s on page 88 – and who might it have
been? Hints to [email protected].

Constant reader?: Bob Hawke had a good go at Iron Mark and those
Diaries on the 7:30 Report last night.
When Maxine
McKew asked if he’d read them – if he’d buy them – he responded “I won’t give him $3.90.” Now, where
has that royalty figure been run lately…