Shane Walsh writes from Japan:

I watched the game from the Blarney Stone Irish pub in Osaka.
About 50 people had a big afternoon (Japan is 1 hour behind AEST and we
got there about 2 hours before the game to get a good seat and get the
beer flowing)…Great to see the Swans win after all these years, and
sorry to all present at the pub for the appalling version of Up there
at half-time that I was a part of.

John Burt writes from Finland:
I watch the Grand Final at the Painobarri, in Helsinki. There were only
about 12 of us, evenly divided, but being a Victorian, I hoped
for a Swannie win. The reason that there were only 12 is that no bar in
Helsinki was going to open to show the final. The manager of the
Painobarri relented on the Friday night and opened at 7am, even though
he could not sell any beer until 9am. The biggest disappointment is
that Sky TV did not show the prematch entertainment, nor did they show
the presentation of the cup.

Jonathan Shapiro writes from the US:
I watched the Grand Final with a bunch of footy fans in Boston – mainly
the Boston Demons AFL team. The 20 dollar entrance fee, the obscured view of a poor
recording and the fact that the game was completed a full ten hours before the
screening didn’t seem to bother any of Boston’s diehard footy fans, as they
enthusiastically packed into Tommy Doyles on a bright Saturday afternoon to
watch a recording of the match. I’d like to thank the Boston Demons for their
efforts in ensuring that footy fans based in Boston could still feel part of the grand
final. Good luck for the national championships in Milwaukee.

writes from Abu Dhabi:

Saturday’s a work day here in the Muslim world, but I had arranged to take the
morning off and watch the Grand Final on Fox Sports Middle East with a mate from
Australia who was passing through on his way back from the UK. “No worries”, I
said when he was booking the trip and realised he’d be here in the UAE on Grand
Final Day, “I checked the Fox Sports Middle East schedule and it’s all set to
go.” Unfortunately, when we sat down to watch at the appointed time
there was some boring track and field competition on instead. As the cable TV
in the building I live in is fairly dodgy, in desperation I rang around town,
but it was all the same, dull athletics and clusters of disappointed
Australians. Like the couple of hundred angry Aussies who’d gathered at a hotel
in Dubai, we ended up having to listen to the closest Grand Final since ’77 on
Internet Radio. I later found out on the Fox Sports website why: it said,
“Currently, the FOX Sports Technical Operations Center lies in the path of
Hurricane Rita. If Rita maintains her present course, it may be necessary to
switch to emergency programming this weekend.” Which meant a tape from Rome of
something called the IAAF Super Grand Prix,
yawn. But, unless the FOX Sports Technical Operations Center ends
up under 20 feet of water, they hopefully might replay it for us some time later
on. Won’t be the same as watching live though…