Crikey political correspondent Christian Kerr writes:

He talks! As reported in The Oztoday,
GG and decorated Vietnam War veteran Michael Jeffery has “urged US-led
coalition forces in Iraq to study classic counter-insurgency tactics
used in Vietnam and the Malayan emergency to win the war in Iraq.”

was Crikey that first pointed out how John Howard had reduced the
Governor-General to a complete cipher, cherry picking every function of
significance. And the PM isn’t alone. Most Premiers have done the same
with their vice-regal representatives. Take, perhaps, our most
egregious Governor, South Australia’s Marjorie Jackson-Nelson, who appears to have the job solely because she could run fast half a century ago.

GG and the Governors are irrelevances. The constitutional equivalents
of nipples on men. But we’re stuck with them while we remain loyal
objects our Gracious Sovereign Lady the Queen.

So what do we
want? Do we want people with limited or irrelevant achievements in the
role? Do we want them just to say “Dib, dib, dib, dob, dob, dob” in
their role as Chief Scout?

Conservatives hated Bleeding Heart
Billy Deane. No-war types are furious with our current bloke. If we
must have Governors, we might as well have people with a bit of
substance in the role. People with something to contribute. Even if we
don’t agree with it. Which seems to be the real reason why
Major-General Stanley – sorry, Jeffery – is feeling the heat now.