Channel Nine heavyweight Laurie Oakes is known to get very cranky when he wants answers from a politician and they decline. This is a man who wants big stories first and will use all his power and influence to make sure it happens.

Yet when the many who many thought would be Prime Minister last year unleashes a barrage of criticisms against the Sphere of Influence, the big man timidly climbs into his shell and refuses to engage.

Asked by freelance journalist Mike Woodyard what he thought about Iron Mark’s criticisms, Laurie wrote back:

Mike, I think not. I have seen nothing in the Latham Diaries that requires comment or a reply from me.People can make their own judgements about my work.

Cheers, Laurie Oakes
Let’s see, does Laurie not thing the following Latham claims deserve some sort of response:

Tuesday, 19 March, 1996

The first caucus meeting since our election defeat. Keating goes through the motions…But what the hell, he’s been a magnificent reformer, running the gauntlet and only getting caught after 13 years of nation building Labor Government. Sounds all right to me. But the media jokers don’t get it- Laurie Oakes on Channel Nine wonders how the Caucus could possibly have given him two standing ovations. Because he did great things for the country, often at great personal cost. That’s why. He didn’t spend his life vegetating in a little cubicle in the press gallery, trying to fit his head onto the TV screen every night with smart-a*se commentary. That’s why.

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