Mark Latham claims that Gunns executive chairman John Gay “runs
Tasmania” and also “runs Lennon,” so Crikey is delighted that such a
powerful man has tolerated some mild criticism by agreeing to run
Crikey’s platform uncensored in the notice of meeting for the
forthcoming AGM.

This is what company secretary Wayne Chapman confirmed would be
distributed to shareholders on the notice of meeting in an email to the
first ever outside Gunns board candidate this morning:

Stephen Mayne
is an Australian journalist and shareholder advocate who believes Gunns Ltd
needs an independent non-executive chairman. Mr Mayne also believes that the
executive chairman of Gunns Ltd, Mr John Gay, should be subjected to the
three-year election cycle like all the other directors are.

John Gay and Rupert Murdoch were the only
Australian executive chairmen who refused to offer themselves for
re-election every three years but at least Gay isn’t as bad as Rupert,
who totally censored my platform at the 2002 News Corp AGM.

The next test for Gunns is whether they do the old “sorry, there’s no
vacancy” rort and whether they’ll provide a full copy of the top 200
beneficial shareholders. So far, so good but we’re not holding out