Roy Morgan Research has conducted this exclusive poll for Crikey on the question of whether Australians believe Mark Latham should have published his explosive diaries and what damage they will cause. The Australia-wide poll of 607 people over the past two days throws up some very interesting results, which might give some comfort to the ALP and Latham’s various victims.

Despite the strong argument that the public benefits from knowing all this remarkably inside information about the ALP and the media, the question “should Latham have done it?” produced the following results:

Yes: 40%
No: 49%
Don’t Know: 11%

But having done the deed, the public believes it will certainly damage both Labor and Kim Beazley, with the party suffering slightly more:

Will The Latham Diaries damage the ALP?

Yes: 53%
No: 36%
Don’t know: 11%

Will The Latham Diaries damage Kim Beazley?

Yes: 48%
No: 36%
Don’t know: 16%


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