The Oz
gives a good account
of the danger facing the Gulf of Mexico region, including the
frightening statistic that a mere three inches of rain (about an hour’s
worth in a hurricane) could overwhelm New Orleans’s already weakened
levee banks.

We will all feel this, of course, and we note that
capitalism is alive and well, with oil and gas stocks up sharply in
anticipation of big paydays, although the oil infrastructure will be
just as vulnerable as the onshore trailer parks. Henry filled the tank
yesterday and drew breath sharply at the $1.32 per litre price. It’s
certainly not beyond the realms of possibility that this price could
bring a smile in coming weeks as servos around the country run out of
room for the numbers on their price boards.

Rise early
readers, and get on the train before the rush starts. Perhaps we’ll see
a productivity spike as punters spend longer hours at work trying to
avoid the public transport crush during rush hours.

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