A subscriber writes:

You’re wondering what paying
readers think of all the Latham articles? I am one of I suspect very
few subscribers who does not work anywhere near the political or media
fields, and I am in favour of it, since the Crikey angle is one that
needs to be aired. As you say, the mainstream media are ignoring some
very sticky issues involving themselves, in favour of personal attacks.
Besides, I was sick to death about reading about Telstra this Telstra
that, and this mining company or that. There are enough business
publications already & Crikey was getting way too boring &

Helen writes:
Sick to death of mad Mark – could we look forward for a change?

ozGeoff writes:
please, please guys can we give Latham a rest! I’m absolutely sick to
the back teeth of reading about this rabble-rousing, whingeing tosser!
It’s affecting my normal enjoyment of reading Crikey – which is a
first. Enough is freakin’ enough!

SMH journalist Nick O’Malley writes:

No organisation, not one, has been more fixated on Mark bl*ody Latham than Crikey.

Reg writes
are you apologising for having another article on Mark Latham? He is
news, he may not be to YOUR liking, but some people think he had the
guts to open his mouth so don’t stifle newsworthy events. Mark Latham
is news, regardless of what he has done or will do in the future, so
it’s your job to report news, not wait around and make it up, or have
grudges on people.

Mark P Young writes:
Can we please move on from the
Latham Diaries? I find the continuing focus on the revelations from the
obviously unstable Latham as interesting as reading the terms and
conditions on a mobile phone contract. You know you should have a look
at them, but after first glance you cannot be bothered going on. If
people want to know more about the painfully ordinary intrigues of
Australian political life according to Latham they can wait until some
misguided soul picks a copy of this trash from the Big W bargain bin
and gives it to them for Christmas. Enough!!

E Bennell writes:
appears an eye roll from the PM can convince the Press Gallery of
anything these days. Crikey. Where is the analysis of what has become
of the political landscape? Where has politics gone? What has become of
it? A Howard eye roll, a Costello smirk, a Government denial or refusal
to speak on an issue, a Beazley platitude-slash-sound bite, a Joyce-an
migraine: honest to goodness how is anyone to make anything out of this
rubbish? THIS IS NOT POLITICS. Latham’s book and the reaction to it are
striking examples of the destruction of the political and public realms
by the cult of personality. Geez.

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