Crikey Royal correspondent Barry Everingham writes:

Butler’s reign as Tasmanian Governor was a prickly event, which came as
no surprise to the myriad Butler watchers in Canberra and further
afield. His alleged behaviour at home and abroad spawned rumour after
rumour. Now Mark Latham has got in on the act, claiming his former
Excellency was “pissed” at the wedding of Mary Donaldson to the Prince
of Denmark.

Sorry Mark – you’re wrong. Your correspondent
doesn’t lightly rush to Butler’s defence, but a few calls to fellow
guests at the wedding confirmed the behaviour of the vice regal couple
was “enthusiastic” but certainly not drunken. Said one who observed the
couple: Butler and his new third wife were having the time of their
lives and, although long past the sweet bloom of youth, were certainly
in love and it showed.

Sure, it could have been mistaken for
drunkenness, but it wasn’t. Even Butler knows where to draw the line –
and he and his new missus stayed within the bounds of decency. End of

Peter Fray

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