If you’ve got a spare 24 minutes, listen to Tuesday’s hilarious exchange between Mark Latham and the man he regards as a “sex-obsessed jibberer,” ABC Adelaide morning host Matthew Abraham.

Mark this week knocked back shock jocks such as Alan Jones and John
Laws because he only wants to do interviews with journalists prepared
to seriously examine the many important issues that he raises. A
slanging match with the Parrot may be entertaining, but Latham wants
none of it.

For an ABC presenter, Matthew Abraham was remarkably
tabloid and ended up copping all sorts of shots from Latham for
focusing almost exclusively on the sexual or titillating aspects of the
Diaries. He couldn’t even get it right, at one point saying that
Kate Fischer was in the book (it was her sister Penny) and then wasting
valuable time on Pru Goward when, as Latham said, “I was clearing her,
not smearing her.”

John Howard himself has been more responsible than anyone for spreading the Pru Goward rumour. As Miranda Devine wrote in The DailyTelegraph
on August 10, 1998: “Howard does volunteer, with twinkling eyes, that
there have been rumours circulating Canberra he is having an affair
with Pru Goward.”

Abraham did get a slightly sheepish Latham to
expand on what he meant by “quality box for Ross,” but it really was a
pathetic interview to devote so much time to the titillating trash when
there are so many serious issues and insights to pursue.

We’ve published the interview in full on the site here
and do have a read as there are laughs a plenty as Iron Mark called
Abraham a “pervert” with a “tiny mind” and then says: “This is the Mad
Hatter’s tea party, as ever interviewed by you, you’re just running
around in circles. It’s hilarious.”

It finished as follows:

IRON MARK: Yeah, well Matthew, good to know that you
haven’t changed one iota mate, and I’m very surprised your program
never made it into the diary because you and the other jibberer were
quite legendary in our office. Things never change, hey.

SEX-OBSESSED JIBBERER:Well I was disappointed I wasn’t in there.

a miracle you weren’t, my press secretary – you’ll probably be in his
diary – he had quite a thing for you and I’m seeing him tomorrow and
I’ll let him know that nothing’s changed there at the ABC in Adelaide
and one of the joys of putting you on the list and doing the interview
was just to check out that fact. It’s nice to have some consistency at
the good old Adelaide ABC. You have a good day Matthew and I hope you
can read the book in full and have a look at some of those public
policy and bigger issues as well.