When dealing with literally hundreds of
revelations, it is very easy to hand-pick a few to try and undermine
the credibility of Mark Latham. That’s what the ALP and the Canberra
media establishment are doing.

But it really is time that some
of the journalists named by Latham offered up a response. For instance,
did John Laws and Glenn Milne really tell Latham they were backing
Costello? What does the Golden Tonsils tell John Howard’s office next
time he wants to interview the PM? Did Laws also try to get Latham to
run with his own conspiracy theory in Parliament about Alan Jones
claiming he forced John Howard to retain David Flint as the soft touch
head of the old ABA?

Did Paul Armstrong, editor of The West Australian,
really say the following to Latham: “I can make or break the West
Australian Government, just as I can make or break the Opposition
Leader, Colin Barnett, if I choose to.” What a big-noting goose.

And what about the claim that The Age’s
political commentator Shaun Carney rang Latham when Shadow Treasurer
and offered to “psycho-analyse” Peter Costello for Iron Mark based on
the access he’d had when writing his book on the Treasurer. Surely
that’s crossing the line from commentator to player and, if true,
Carney might have some explaining to do next time he wants some help
from the Government.

Does 6PR morning presenter Paul Murray
really base some of his political interviews on questions sent through
by Liberal staffer Ian Hanke? Hmmm, is that appropriate? And did Sunday Telegraph
editor Jeni O’Dowd really have a fling with Latham? Was that when
Latham was an adviser to Bob Carr and Jeni was covering state politics
for Rupert? We always knew that the Carr Government and Rupert have
been close, but really…

The list goes on and on. Crikey will be contacting many of these media
players over the coming weeks and asking for a response because so far
we only seem to be getting bile against private citizen Latham the man,
rather than attention on some of the extraordinary revelations he’s
making about others.