Crikey reporter Sophie Black writes:

Sure, the circulation audits process in Oz is sadly lacking, but at
least there’s some attempt at keeping track of title sales. In
Singapore, there seems to be no such thing as a regular circulations audit. Singapore’s Marketingmagazine reports that ACP Asia hasn’t audited Cleo Singapore
since 2003 – although almost all of ACP’s
magazines in
Australia are audited, “none are in Singapore.” Singapore
sounds like a smorgasbord of circulation rorting opportunities for anyone looking to bump up their sales

ACP Managing Director Julie Sherborn wasn’t forthcoming on
the exact reasons behind ACP’s apparent backflip on its promise to submit Cleo Singapore’s figures for a Media Corporation of Singapore (MCS) audit in February, “instead pointing the
finger at other unaudited magazines in the market,” says Marketing magazine.

“Every single other
magazine that we compete with – which are essentially (from) SPH and
MediaCorp – haven’t been audited for years,” said Sherborn, adding
that she has “postponed” Cleo‘s audit and was “not sure yet” when or even if she would submit Cleo‘s figures to MCS. Ironically, Sherborn sits on the MCS board.

Charlton, Managing Director of Charlton Media… was
disappointed by what he described as ACP’s lack of leadership, but
thought that MCS could be more proactive. “MCS really needs to put the
value of auditing out there into the local industry – media planners
don’t seem to understand,” he added. “Advertisers should demand
accountability – sadly, that’s not the case in Singapore.”