Latham spared
few in his bile-slinging diaries. And the 2004 election campaign,
headed up by Labor’s national secretary, Tim Gartrell, sure copped it.
“It was a mistake to…not get more involved in our advertising
campaign in the election with the rebuttal of the interest rate ads, to
takes a hands-on role, instead of leaving it to Gartrell and co,”
Latham told Lateline recently.

And in The Latham Diaries he had this to say about the ALP’s TV ad campaign:

… We had been smashed in the
advertising campaign. I worked my ringer out on the road, but didn’t
pay enough attention to the other half of the campaign: TV advertising
… For the last two weeks of the campaign, Janine kept saying to me,
“How come the Liberals have so many ads, sometimes two in each ad
break, and you have hardly any? They are beating you with their ads.”
Why didn’t Tim tell me this?

In short, the Libs were winning
the paid advertising campaign and we were winning the free media
campaign. That must be why the journalists called the campaign for me –
they didn’t see the ads either …

Gartrell is a nice,
inoffensive guy, but he got lost in the big campaign. He was fighting
the last campaign instead of this one, a fatal error in politics …

I have collapsed under the weight of those f*cking ads.

in what looks like more Latham fallout, the Labor Party is now looking
for a new agency to represent them, as reported in this story from B&T:

Labor looks for agency to repair image

In a week which has seen seriously damaging missives fired at the Australian Labor Party
by its former Federal leader Mark Latham, comes the news that the party
is looking for an ad agency to ready it for the 2007 Federal Election.

Agency search consultant Colin Wilson-Brown has been charged with assisting the Labor party find an agency.

The party has used Melbourne agency Shannon’s Way extensively in the past and the account was previously held by Team Saatchi.

Wilson-Brown said the ALP was looking to appoint an agency by early in the new year.

“This [pitch] doesn’t require paid-up party membership,” Wilson-Brown said.

good democracy needs two strong parties… Ted Horton and team have done
a pretty good job for the coalition, so the Labor Party needs a good
marketing partner,” he said.

Will Shannon’s Way bid for
the work? And how do they respond to Latham’s comments about the ad
campaign being mismanaged? We went to the agency this morning for their
comments, but nobody was available to talk to us.

Perhaps they were too busy flicking through their copies of The Latham Diaries.