Hamish Fleming writes:

Mark Latham may not have sexually
harassed new MP Kate Ellis, but he sure gave her a good shafting over
superannuation. One of the ironies that
seems to have been missed in the fog of the Latham tragedy is that his only
policy achievement of substance was to deny all MPs elected after the last
election the luxury of the big Latham dummy-spit.

The only reason Latham can afford to
make himself so extravagantly unemployable is the $80k parliamentary pension
he’ll receive indexed for life. Kate
Ellis and contemporaries, and all future MPs, will not be so lucky after Latham
forced Howard’s hand on MP superannuation before the last election (safe in the
knowledge that his own super would be preserved). Thanks to Latham, new MPs have a
superannuation scheme like the rest of us based on an employer contribution of
9%. For this new breed, retiring at age
44 to become a “home dad” will simply not be an option. So Latham’s legacy is to enshrine his own
spectacular self-destruction as perhaps the last of its kind.

Tamas Calderwood writes:
Stephen Mayne states that “We were all duped” by
Latham. I have to disagree. The government was returned with a thumping
majority last October, so most people saw straight through Mark

Nick Martin writes:
I think Latham is bang on when he goes on about the ALP being
ideologically bastardised from the sewer rats and other faceless dogs that make
up the inner sanctum. Now where does one get an autographed copy of this book?

E Werner writes:
Latham’s opinion of the Labour Party only confirms
what many have believed about the Machine. If it waddles like a duck and quacks
like a duck it ….Latham, although upset about his treatment, is
probably 90% right.

Anonymous writes:
The ABC’s new motto: You haven’t been on the ABC unless you’ve been
interviewed by me!

First Andrew Denton, then Tony Jones, who next? It’s always the same. Whoever the guest, you always hear a dozen interviews
on the ABC. Different people (usually) all asking the same questions.

A Crikey subscriber writes:
Re Latham, Christian Kerr wrote And
seeing an intelligent and interesting bloke who could really contribute to the
debate throw in the towel and decide to do bugger all while making himself
unemployable and untouchable is pretty damned sad, too.” Enough
already! Would anyone dare suggest that a woman deciding to stay at home to
raise her children was doing “bugger all”?