Glenn Dyer reports:

The Winners

Ah, Sunday, so Nine must have done well, Ten did
middling well, the ABC perked up and Seven was down, but
not as poorly as the previous Sunday, which was a low point for the year. And SBS was,
well, SBS. Nine’s telemovie, Little Oberon stood out. It was watched by an
average 1.559 million people – better than the Big Reef disaster, but not as good as The Alice telemovie in 2004. A series? It’s no Sea
, Sigrid. Nine News was the most watched simply because the NRL final
from 4pm onwards provided a huge lead in Sydney and Brisbane. The
Sydney news averaged 618,000 for Nine, around 100,000 more than normal. Brisbane
was similar. 60 Minutes was second, Backyard Blitz third and Little Oberon fourth. Australian
did 1.382 million, which was OK. Seven’s best was the 6pm News with
1.289 million.
The Losers

Seven, but its share was higher than a week earlier. Its backstage look at Dancing With The Stars again under performed
with 887,000. If it gets to a million,
Seven will be happy. Massive Nature (939,000) and the movie The Hot Chick (961,000)
were just not competitive. But it is interesting
that Nine, Seven and the ABC all saw their audiences fall after peaking for the news – Seven’s faster than the
others. Ten’s built to Idol and continued through Law and Order: Criminal Intent,
which is what advertisers like to

News & CA Nine, all the way, even in Perth. Seven and the ABC
were respectable. The battle for eyeballs on Sunday morning saw Seven’s Weekend Sunrise beat Nine’s stalwart Sunday, 295,000 to 290,000.
The ABC’s Insiders saw a
sharp rise in its audience to 194,000. No doubt the Latham hoo-haa played a
part. Business Sunday (158,000) was weak for a show that was one of the
strongest for a while. The Telstra mobile phone story was weak, but the
Corrigian interview was very solid. Inside Business on the ABC also had
Corrigan, but viewers weren’t interested. Its audience sank to only 78,000. Meet
The Press
on Ten was also boosted by Latham with 110,000 people watching, its
highest audience for months, if not this year.
The Stats Nine with 34.4%, Ten with 22.8%, Seven with 21.5%,
the ABC with 15.9% and SBS with 5.4%.
Glenn Dyer’s
Tonight it’s a much more even
contest, outside of Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth where the Brownlow Medal count will dominate. Nine to win, but not in
Sydney or in Brisbane.