Issues of the day: Finally, talk on the big issues. Check out Malcolm Turnbull’s Dog Blog,
launched on Friday. The great man told us yesterday it was getting
three times the hits of his Telstra statement. (Disclosure: Christian
Kerr likes beagles.)

Family affair: There’s The Latham Diaries – and the Beazley blog. Jessica and Hannah Beazley hit back at Iron Mark’s darts at their dad.

That Lateline transcript: In the words of Christina Carr, “OK, so
sometimes it looks as if Crikey’s proofreaders’ first language might be
Urdu, but have a dekko at the transcript of Lateline’s
Iron Mark interview – Gary Grey, Warwick Perra, Leo McClay, Bob Serkum?
This was a biggie. A big, big biggie. Whatever happened to quality
control, Toni Jones?”