Rumours swirling through the corridors of power at Fairfax suggest the search for a new editor of the SMH is drawing to a close. No word on the winner yet, but word is current Sunday Age editor Alan Oakley has just attended his third interview. If he gets the gig it’d be a surprise appointment – he’s a former Herald Sun editor who’s boosted circulation at The Sunday Age and is popular with staff.

Take a look at a recent Federal Court decision
of this week – Budd v Federal Privacy Commissioner.
Of interest is the Australian Government Solicitor’s request to seek
costs against a lady the court accepted to be a poor and sick
pensioner. She claims to have psychological illnesses, couldn’t leave
home to get to court (she “appeared in court” via telephone) and was
not eligible for legal aid (like most people these days). Nonetheless,
the Australian Government Solicitor asked for their costs to be paid.
While it is indeed standard practice for the loser to pay the winner’s costs, parties have the discretion not to request costs.

This hot tip has come in from a subscriber re the Millionaire winner – he is 36, has a girlfriend and lives in Sydney.

Type in the words “miserable failure” in Google and click on the I’m feeling lucky button.