I thought this might tickle your democracy-feelers and/or irony bone. I work
for Media Monitors, with whom I know you are fimiliar; what follows is the
content of an email sent to staff in MM’s Melbourne office this week. I shall
withhold my own commentary. It speaks for itself.

From: ——————
Sent: Thursday, 28 July 2005 ——
Melbourne Broadcast; Melbourne Press
Subject: Media comment

I want to make a suggestion about Media Monitors staff contacting or
making comments to media organisations through letter writing, emailing, or

In the past we have had a situation where a Media Monitors employee wrote a
letter to the editor of a newspaper to make some political comment. The staff
member did this in a private capacity but a journalist found out that the person
worked for Media Monitors. This was written up and published in quiet a
sensational way. Somehow it was seen by journalists as improper for someone at
Media Monitors to be commenting in the media.

I would prefer that Media Monitors staff don’t make comments to media
organisations through letter writing, emailing, or whatever. We want to be seen
as neutral and fair monitors and this sort of contact could damage our
reputation. I am simply asking for your cooperation on this. If you would like
to discuss this or you think you can’t cooperate you should come and discuss it
with me.


Peter Fray

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