very bemusing to read that a public sector superannuation fund's exposure to a
corrupt business is part of the background to Warren Anderson's present efforts
to obtain many tens of millions of dollars from taxpayers in the West
Australian Supreme Court. I wonder if he feels any similar interest in
revisiting his role in the Cairns Conservatory scandal that cost another public
sector super fund many millions of dollars?

Anderson wants the WA government to give him back the $50 million, plus
interest, that he put into crooked Laurie Connell's Rothwells merchant
bank in 1988, allegedly at the government's behest, to try to prop up
the dying enterprise. As The
reported on Saturday
Anderson claims
a government officer negotiating a real estate deal made the $50 million
payment a condition as it would allow “the government Employees Superannuation
Board to get an "embarrassing" $50 million loan to the merchant bank off the