Crikey has long prided itself on having
a transparent corrections policy and it was certainly a good initiative
of the new owners to introduce a daily corrections sections. I was in
Sydney yesterday and didn’t see the edition until late in the afternoon
when the following appeared as the lead correction:

Packers and the One.Tel inquiry
On Friday,
Crikey published an item under the heading “Did the Packers pay for
favourable One.Tel evidence?” Crikey now accepts that implication in
the story is untrue and it is unreservedly withdrawn. Crikey accepts
that the witness in question had provided her evidence to ASIC well
before being contacted by CPH/PBL. CPH/PBL tells Crikey that the reason
they have spoken to former employees and others concerning One.Tel is
to ascertain what occurred at One.Tel in its final months. CPH/PBL say
this enquiry is absolutely proper and legitimate, and they’ve made no
secret of their discussions.

No journalist likes to
have their stories corrected, but sometimes you just have to look at
the facts and swallow your pride. The payment occurred after the
evidence had been given and, when you think about the situation, it’s
perfectly reasonable for PBL to investigate what happened at One.Tel
given the size of the losses and the on-going regulatory processes.

Our story was based on this page four lead in The Australian on Friday which caused the tiniest of corrections in The Weekend Australian which read as follows:

An article published on page 4 on July 15 concerned the
proceedings against former One.Tel directors Jodee Rich and Mark
Silbermann. The Australian has been informed and accepts that a
witness gave an affidavit to ASIC in June 2002, before she commenced
consultancy work for Consolidated Press Holdings.

Peter Fray

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Peter Fray
Editor-in-chief of Crikey