John Singleton likes to shoot from the hip but it seems that even Malcolm T Elliott’s bilious Corby-related “Indonesians-are-monkeys” racism was all too much. A few weeks ago the 2GB website was full of praise for Malcolm. Today, he is nowhere to be seen.

In fact, Malcolm briefly made himself more internationally famous than 2GB’s pin-up boy Alan Jones, a man who also likes to make provocative commentary.

The New Zealand Herald and this Eric Ellis piece in The Spectator were just two examples, but he also got a solid run in Indonesia, where Singleton is trying to profit from a commercial television enterprise. Given that 2GB is licensed by the federal government which appears to have heavied the News Ltd empire to tone down the Corby hysteria, it would not surprise if Elliott has been sacrificed.

The Jocks Journal website also picked up the following a couple of weeks back, demonstrating Elliott’s obstinance:

2GBradio announcer Malcolm T Elliotthas refused to apologise for his on-air comments about the Schapelle Corby trial judges. Elliott has defended his comments and said they were not aimed at the Indonesian people, but at certain individuals. He said he borrowed the term “three monkeys” from a tradesman working at his northern NSW property. “What I said was not racist,” Elliott said. “I fear the Indonesian authorities, and I fear the Indonesian judiciary.” (Courtesy of Sunday Telegraph)

Malcolm should really have been in fear of Media Watch which appears to have ended his 2GB career with this story on 23 May which concluded as follows:

Now 2GB, we know that Malcolm was only filling in last weekend, that he’s a summer presenter and an old mate. But do yourself a favour — get him off the airwaves.

Peter Fray

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