Did Visy manage to do a deal for union delegates only to
attend June 30 rally on full pay and everyone kept working whilst other
companies failed to get such a deal? A family favor Mr Shorten?

Queensland Main Roads Department
pushes for tighter control of business and billboard signage with
proposals which include the removal of billboards viewed accross a line
of traffic (which accounts for approx 50% of all billboards). If
successful could have devastating effect on the large format outdoor
advertising operators in Queensland , made up of a mix of private and
public companies. If MRD are succesful there are also serious concerns
that it could spread to Southern States.

NSW State Lotteries (Lotto).
Who owns it? Packer and Murdoch. You will find they make more money out
of lotteries than all their media assets. You will also find it very
hard to get information on it. Who owns it? When up for tender? What is
the arrangement?

Who is sniffing round the Health Department in Victoria – what
is happening with Healthsmart – what has happened to the $333 million
allocated by Treasury? A story to be told.