It’s regrettable that somewhat precious players, and coaches, have focused on
just one question in the Rugby League Week Players Poll – that named the
most over-rated player – and not on a couple of questions that are much more
interesting and significant.

this politically correct world we are forced to endure, it’s probably
incorrect to ask players to name the best and the worst referees, but
the questions were asked, and the answers are very interesting.

referee? Tim Mander 44, Steven Clark 16, Paul Simpkins 13.

referee? Shayne Hayne 30, Steven Clark 20, Russell Smith 12.

But now we hear that a third, different referee might get the nod
for Origin Three.
Tim Mander, you’d imagine would be a shoe-in. But no, it’s reported
that Sean Hampstead will get the nod, and he was among the “others” in
players poll, putting his standing BELOW Paul Simpkins.

QRL needs to explain why it continues to block the game’s best, and most
respected, whistleblower, Mander, from controlling the game’s number one

Hampstead gets the game, then the case for abolishing the ARL, and handing over
total control of the game to the NRL, will surely be irresistible – if it’s
not so already.

The full story is on the site here.