BRW today sheds some light on the biggest question doing the rounds in the world of tax lawyers, accountants and high nett worth individuals – who were the prominent people raided earlier this month by tax and law enforcement officers on 85 homes and offices in four states allegedly involved in a $300 million tax fraud scheme?

Michael Laurence writes in today’s edition of BRW:

Within hours of the raids, copies of the search warrants and access notices were being circulated among well-placed tax advisors. One former tax scheme promoter claims to have received 20 phone calls in one day from inquisitive accountants. And advisers quickly learnt the names on the warrants and access notices, including two whose surnames were identical to those of billionaires near the top of the BRW Rich 200, and the name of the promoter whose laptop was seized at Sydney Airport before a flight to Switzerland – revealing the names of scheme participants.

This gossip is helping to form a much-needed image of the Australian Tax Office (ATO) as being now willing to strike decisively against emerging aggressive tax practices. And the impression is growing that the tax criminals and tax avoiders participating in the arrangements have reason to be scared.

So who are the billionaires “near the top of the BRW Rich 200”? Well here are all the billionaires on the list (in order):

Kerry Packer, Frank Lowy, Richard Pratt, Harry Triguboff, David Hains and family, Len Ainsworth and sons, John Gandel, Kerry Stokes, Bruce Gordon, Bob Oatley and family, Lang Walker, Stan Perron, John Roberts, Gerry Harvey, John Van Lisshout, John B Fairfax and Timothy Fairfax.