There was dancing in Collins Street yesterday with the news that Jeff Kennett and Michael Kroger have settled their enmity over a game of golf – or a game of hitting balls into the rough, anyway – so they can jointly arrest the Bleak City’s decline. And that news, rather than anything to do with refugees, may spell the end of Petro Georgiou’s career in Kooyong.

The recent pre-selection talk – like Michael Bachelard’s yarn in The Australian last week – has got nothing to do with his recent activities. Georgiou has largely kept Kooyong thanks to the Kroger-Kennett schism. As a sorta-Kennett person, he’s been safe from challenge from the Kennett branches in the area controlled by state MP David Davis. They haven’t wanted to see someone like Kevin Donnelly move in with backing from Kroger and purged Senator Karen Synon. David Davis, however, is now worried about his own pre-selection chances under the new Upper House system.

Costello forces know Georgiou doesn’t like the PM, but hate it that he doesn’t back their boy. There’s a long list of contenders from all sides for Kooyong. The time may now be ripe to move on Georgiou.