Yet another Nine Network project has bitten the dust, a victim of cost
cutting and controls and the new management’s attraction to the 80s.

Finally Friday, which was going to be produced by Mark Fennessy’s Crackerjack Productions, was being developed to fill the troublesome 7:30pm
spot on Friday nights. Notable Nine failures at this time include Burke’s Backyard,Our Place and Motorway Patrol.

Nine is currently chatting to Don Burke about projects. Does Don want
to re-create history at 7:30pm on Fridays? Well, Nine has bought back
that old stalwart from the past Temptation (a repackaged Sale of the Century), so anything is possible.

Burke has come up with his version of the ABC’s New Inventors program, a gardening/lifestyle idea and several other concepts. Will the Garden Gurus from Nine in Perth be involved?