By jingo, the bile against Sally Loane is pouring into Crikey of late. This one arrived from a subscriber yesterday:

Surely, the only reason Sally Loane has the gig on 702 is as the ABC’s true “right wing Phillip Adams” – forget Michael Duffy! Her constant slagging of the state education system, her “moral majority” views and other right wing opinions are almost subliminally relayed by her dulcet tones. And if I hear her whinge one more time about how we pay too much tax and hear yet another “expert” being inteviewed by her on the need for “tax reform” (ie lower taxes) I will vomit.

Now I have no editorial control over Crikey these days, but some of the attacks, like the one above, have been over the top. I don’t listen to Sally’s program every day, but do listen to about half an hour from the ABC studio in Melbourne each Tuesday morning.

We’ve been discussing business for 15 minutes a week for more than five years and not once have I ever got an inkling about Sally’s politics. She’s never mentioned excessive taxes or expressed any view that would suggest she’s pro-business and pro-Liberal. In fact, I’ve spent tens of hours on her program ripping into business and the Howard government. While this is hardly relevant, those who see Sally as a blue-blood should remember that her husband used to work for NSW Labor Premier Barry Unsworth.

Similarly, people who question her credentials should remember that Sally did 25 years as a feature writer and columnist for every major Australian broadsheet, including The SMH, The Australian, The Age, The Courier-Mail, The National Times and The Times on Sunday. This included three years in the Canberra press gallery so in journalistic experience terms, it’s hard to imagine a more qualified ABC local radio presenter in the country than Sally.

Sure, I’m biased and conflicted, but the half hour I listen to each week features business and Barry Cassidy’s political discussion and she certainly knows what she’s talking about and asks intelligent questions during this period.