In a result that will have all the ABC luvvies ripping their nighties in frustration, the departing Angela Catterns and the ABC have triumphed in the latest Sydney ratio ratings. Her final week pushed her into second spot behind Gloria on 2GB, and helped ABC 702 lift its share from 8.8% to 10.1% in the latest survey.

Catterns pushed past Merrick and Ross on Nova in the brekkie slot, while Nova beat 702 into second slot overall. 702’s audience for the survey saw 711,000 people tuning in each week, compared with 656,000 in the previous survey.

Mike Carlton at 2UE, a supporter of the John Laws “rebellion” against owners Southern Cross Broadcasting, saw a slight rise in his audience, as did Lawsie himself. Laws is still filthy at Southern Cross for punting his mate, Bob Miller, as the boss of 2UE. Laws, who’s on sick leave after a back operation, is also featured in this week’s Bulletin magazine, which accuses him of pinching a key part of his daily radio program, Keeping The Dream Alive, from a well-known US broadcaster – the story can be found here (for Bulletin subscribers).