This is the letter radio station 3AW general manager Shane Healy is sending to people who have written complaining about Derryn Hinch’s performance after Graham Kennedy’s death:

Radio 3AW received many complaints concerning Derryn Hinch’s comments on the cause of Graham Kennedy’s death. Derryn is an experienced journalist with a history of controversy. Throughout his radio career he has staunchly defended the rights of those in the community who were otherwise defenceless.

He has called to account those who have abused community standards and has expressed community outrage about those who have molested the innocent. His program content is entertaining, informative and regularly news breaking. His commitment to the community is considerable and his commitment to justice unwavering.

3AW’s management steadfastly defends Hinch’s record of achievement, but concedes there is very little supporting evidence of his assertions in relation to Graham Kennedy’s cause of death. Management neither agrees with nor condones Derryn’s comments and would have preferred more consideration be given to the sensitivities surrounding the timing of the remarks.

Derryn has always fearlessly called it as he has honestly seen it. On this occasion we firmly believe this to be the case, and whilst management does not believe Derryn’s allegations, we understand he still struggles with the certainty of opposing evidence. Despite this, he has genuinely apologised for upsetting everyone offended by his comments.

In dealing with the matter on 3AW, management ensured that there were no limitations placed on other broadcasters in expressing their opposing opinions and ensured that they could be critical of a colleague without censure. Listeners were also given open access to freely express their views. We are confident that 3AW has fairly represented the attitude and judgment of the community we serve.

CRIKEY: Hinch should have been sacked and that is a mealy-mouthed effort from Healy. The Bearded Burbler got it wrong and has not “genuinely apologised” because, as his boss writes: “He still struggles with the certainty of opposing evidence.” Southern Cross Broadcasting owns 3AW and Southern Star, the co-producer of Big Brother. With Hinch’s winning ratings only falling from 14.5% to 14.2% in the latest survey released yesterday, SCB won’t sack him. When it comes to morality over profit, we know where SCB sits.