Last week’s Crikey reporting on ABC Radio’s chase for ratings, and what it means for resources, seems to have degenerated into a succession of bitchslaps between various representatives of local radio and news and current affairs. You can rely on the ABC to split. The government already feels as if its administration has largely split off from the program makers.

Last week we posed some crucial questions about the chase for ratings at the ABC and the role of ABC management in pushing this agenda. We asked: “How do ratings specifically fit into the broadcaster’s current business and strategic plans? Are there specific key performance indicators for ABC managers and executives regarding ratings? Are there incentives to improve ratings? Do senior management receive bonuses for improving ratings or reaching certain ratings targets? And what does this all mean for resources for program making? If you’ve got the answers to any of the questions email [email protected].”

While the bitchslapping response speaks volumes about the ABC, it might be more productive if insiders helped answer the questions. They might get some more job satisfaction – while the rest of us could get a better ABC.