The Australian

says that in preparation for the Coalition taking control of the
Senate, John Howard has outlined a new strategy to sell the Liberal
Party as the “party of ideas.” And in a result that would have been
“unthinkable” just five years ago, The Oz reports on Labor’s 12% swing across the Territory on Saturday, giving the party up to 18 of 25 seats in parliament.

The Sydney Morning Herald splashes with “Democracy denied” – “a Herald investigation”
on millions of taxpayers’ dollars that have been wasted on more than 70
parliamentary inquiries whose recommendations have been ignored. Also
on the front page is the news that Rodney Adler has been moved to a higher security jail in Bathurst after being caught passing on business instructions from behind bars.

The Age
leads with an “exclusive” on Victoria’s hospital emergency departments
being swamped by mentally ill patients because psychiatric services are
so overstretched. The Age
also reveals that Douglas Wood’s family in Australia has hired a
management company to process the media and business offers he has
received since being liberated from captivity with his brothers
defending his right to sell his story. And the return of wrongfully
deported Australian woman Vivian Alvarez Solon has been postponed until a deal for her care is reached with the federal government.

The Daily Telegraph
splashes with “HSC FOR SALE,” following revelations a teacher from a
state-run high school has been earning up to $5,000 a subject to help
more than 250 HSC students win university places. And Australian cricket
has been hit with two scandals within hours of suffering “one of its
worst defeats on record,” with Andrew Symonds turning up to the match
drunk after a night on the town and claims that Shane Warne has spent
“a night of passion” with a 25-year-old woman in London.

The Herald Sun
goes big with local construction identify, Bruno Grollo’s attempt to
live longer by funding an experimental stem-cell treatment in China
said to wind back the clock on a range of diseases. The Hun also reports a contingent of Australian Federal Police have been fighting a covert operation in the Philippines for at least a year, to help combat the rise in Islamic fundamentalism and terror.

The West Australian
reports that Australia’s diplomatic campaign to save whales from
commercial hunting could be undone today as a cluster of small West
African nations rush to join the International Whaling Commission as
pro-whaling members. The Courier-Mail
reveals that Brisbane City Council is considering privatising Brisbane
Water as one of several methods to fund a proposed multibillion-dollar
tunnel aimed to ease the city’s traffic problems. In Tasmania The Mercury reports that the state’s controversial new Bill to legalise Tasmanian brothels seems certain to fail. The Advertiser
says a national inquiry has found that almost 40% of new high school
teachers were giving maths, science and English lessons without the
appropriate qualifications. And the Northern Territory News
reports a UFO sighting from a self-confessed sceptic who claims he saw
two bright orange balls travelling through the sky at speed and then
stop dead for about seven minutes.