Is Chris Kenny in Alex Downer’s office giving up the promised job of
Counsellor (Public Diplomacy) at the Oz Embassy in Washington next year, to
instead make a run for parliament at some time in the future? The position is a
DFAT-posted position at middle to senior ranking level on the diplo pecking order.
It has been filled in recent years (98-02, 02-current) by DFAT career public
affairs diplomats. Seems as though Kenny has got the nod from Alex while the
incumbent has just extended by 12 months to July 2006. This Coalition Government
never fails to surprise with its revolving jobs for the boys/girls.

Marcia Hines has had a bit of trouble pulling a crowd
Brisbane lately. The Council hired her to draw punters to a recent town
planning circus, but only 150 people showed up in the rain to watch the Idol
perform for 45 minutes. Given her $25K+ per concert tag it must be the most
expensive free concert in some time. Word is that Marcia’s people are looking at ways to get out of the four other
planned concerts, as the low turnout may harm her saleability elsewhere.