The Kooka Brothers were out celebrating – big time – with the Carlton Crew last week when we happened upon the most extraordinary scene. There was the senior law officer for the State of Victoria, the Hon. Rob Justin Hulls MP, Attorney-General, Minister for Industrial Relations and Minister for Planning, engaged in what can only be described as “a wild bar room scene” with AFL legend Peter “Percy” Jones.

It was a dark and stormy night on Friday. Both men had taken liquor. Insults of a political and personal nature were exchanged. Punches were thrown. Honour was satisfied. Senses were restored. Hands embraced. More liquor was more convivially taken.

Now the Kooka Bros. have been around a few wild bar room brawls in our time – and we do try to finish them rather than start them – and we rate this one as but a minor skirmish with considerable entertainment value because to the personalities involved.

Jones is a giant of a man who played 249 games for Carlton. He’s a former ruckman, captain, coach and director of the club. Despite his fierce visage, and he’s as docile as our Aunt Sally’s ancient tomcat on Valium. However, he’s a confirmed Liberal Party supporter and once stood for the state seat of Melbourne under the magnificent motto of “Point Percy at Parliament.” He is in the blue corner.

Hulls is Labor’s State parliamentary bovver boy and head-kicker. He spent three years in the Federal Parliament as the member for Kennedy in Queensland. He had set up his legal practice in the tough mining town of Mt Isa after doing the downmarket articled clerks course at RMIT. He is in the red corner and has some form as this article from The Sunday Age on 13 October, 1996 shows.

Hulls was thought to be “on the wagon” and only drinking mineral water since the alleged incident at a bar in Meyers Place in Melbourne. It will be interesting to see whether Acting Premier John Thwaites (Hulls was chief-of-staff to the Victorian Opposition Leader John Brumby from 1993 to 1996) is as forgiving as Percy Jones was on Friday night.

The Kookas love to see happy endings. We have forged a peace in the gangland wars and now we want to do the same for Spring Street.

CRIKEY: “It’s total bullsh*t,” was the line from Hulls’s spinner Martin Curtis when we put the story to him this morning. “He was there two weeks ago, they’re old mates. But he wasn’t there on Friday night and there was no punch up.” And by the time we tracked down Percy at his Barwon Heads retreat it seemed he’d also got the story straight. “He wasn’t in the pub,” said Jones. “Hulls wasn’t there.” Jones blamed his swollen nose on a punch thrown by another learned buddy, a prominent QC. And how did Mr Jones respond? Like the peacenik he is, of course, “We had a chat about it. We came to a peaceful solution.” A true and honest account, your Honour.