After being rested for a few weeks, the subs for mentions scandal is
back on Crikey. If you spot any mention of our ezine out there in media
land, drop us an email to [email protected] so we can duly award the
free subscription to the hack or hackette who drops the C-word in a
Parliament, media outlet or major speech across the nation.

John Durie certainly qualified in Saturday’s Chanticleer column in The Weekend Fin
when the following appeared in the context of Ziggy Zwitkowski planning
to exploit RSS (really simply syndication) once he leaves Telstra:

“Variations about from the (RSS) concept, which was first
developed in the late 1990s by Netscape and adapted by the likes of, which delivers you its version of what it thinks is
important in the rest of the media, combined with its content and
liberal doses of cross-promotion of the talent within the Eric Beecher
investment stable.”

This scandal goes the full spectrum, from the prestigious Chanticleer
to The Centralian Advocate in Alice Springs, which devoted half a page to Crikey on May 27, in a story which opened as follows:

“A backpacker hostel is an unlikely place to find
millionaire (er, not yet) Crikey website founder Stephen Mayne. But
Mayne, in town as guest speaker at the annual Law Week lunch, was quick
to point out he had booked a single room, a step up in class from the
dorm alternative.”

There was also this lead story in The Australian’s Media section last week although we’re not sure that everything predicted will eventuate.