More changes at the Nine Network in the news and current affairs area. Graham Thurston has finally been shifted back to the Sydney newsroom about a year after being removed by Max Uechtritz, who installed Anthony Flannery in his place.

When flicked by Uechtritz a year ago Thurston was EP of the Sydney news. But a fortnight ago, Tony Ritchie, poached back from Seven, was named as EP. Perhaps Thurstron will “linger” in the Sydney newsroom until Uechtritz’s future is decided.

Now news that he is indeed heading back to the newsroom and the new supervising producer will be Ben Hawke, who’s been at Nine since earlier this year as a sort of producer without portfolio.

It sounds like Nine’s brief to develop a new Money style personal finance program is: the presenters have to look good, sound good, but not know too much about finance.