Robert Gottliebsen signed off with a reflective column in Saturday’s Oz, looking back at his four decades in business journalism. I started in 1959, he says, and the major developments that took place in the decade that followed are long forgotten, but the events of the past month reminded me that the lessons of the 1960s may be about to revisit us.

Melbourne University’s investment in Melbourne University Private was a loser but the university’s record as an investor is rather more impressive, says Malcolm Maiden in the Smage. Last week the university quietly disclosed that the market value of its investments had increased by a whopping $160 million or 21% in 2004, to $908.2 million.

The Australian reports that a legal battle is brewing in the corrugated box industry over Amcor’s use of confidential documents belonging to rival Carter Holt Harvey. The information, which CHH wants returned, or destroyed, was seized by Amcor last year in raids on the homes of five former executives it feared would use trade secrets to benefit CHH.

The Fin Review reports that the major banks have forced substantial changes to proposed new federal anti-money laundering laws, providing the financial services sector with a critical reprieve from onerous regulation for the second time in a month.