Where do you start with Rodney Adler and his latest example of flouting the rules? It’s only eight weeks into his two-and-a-half-year sentence , and his latest act of arrogance was disclosed in this great scoop in the Sun Herald by Alex Mitchell, where it was revealed that Adler has been running businesses from behind bars, contrary to the rules.

And in today’s Sydney Morning Herald, Kate McClymont uncovers the nitty gritty in this fine report. She names the people who’ve visited Rodney and with whom he has been communicating, including his former One.Tel partner Jodee Rich. According to the report, Adler yelled as he was being moved yesterday from the relatively easy life at Kirconnell medium security facility in the Central West of NSW to the much tougher regime at nearby Bathurst Jail that Fairfax “is harassing me and I’m going to sue the lot of them.”

In one of his letters revealed by the Sun Herald, Adler is quoting as writing: “I think I will be here for some time. It is freezing.”