Monarchist, anti-terrorist campaigner and Federal Liberal MP Sophie Panopoulos writes:

Everingham’s article, “The grand ambitions of Sophie Panopoulos,” is
nothing more than an imbecilic concoction of lies by a man still raging
against the public’s rejection of the republican referendum and those
who opposed it.

It seems there is very little that Mr Everingham and the majority of Australian voters share in common.

article follows a recent one in which he smeared the governor general.
It does no credit to Crikey to have this man using its site as a forum
to prosecute his bigotry and prejudices in the guise of reporting facts.

Putting aside his own inane views, Everingham’s article about me is untrue in every respect.

doubt it further infuriates Everingham that on the first occasion I
stood for Indi the Liberal Party vote increased and at the last
election increased by a further 5.3%. Of the 87 Coalition seats Indi is
now the13th safest.

Insofar as Mr Everingham referred to the
National Party, on the one occasion the National Party contested the
seat against me they received 12.3% of the vote.