It’s getting progressively hard to come up with new names for the CRW (Crikey Revised Wealth) List, but we’re pushing on as we edge closer to the magical 100:

Tony and Maureen Wheeler: Controlling shareholders in Melbourne-based Lonely Planet, which has grown to be the world’s largest independent travel publishing company. Expanding aggressively into new languages, formats and markets and these comments by minority shareholder John Singleton in April on Inside Business suggest it’s a goldmine.

David Murray: Has received more than $25 million in salary from his years running the Commonwealth Bank and is rumoured to be getting between $10 million and $20 million in super after 40 years with the one employer. Has also made more than $25 million from his shares and options over the years, so with some smart investments on the side he could be approaching the $110 million cut-off.

Ross Wilson: The former Tabcorp CEO was paid about $15 million to run the privatised gaming company for its first eight years as a public company and left with about $60 million worth of shares which were debt free. With Tabcorp paying him fully franked dividends of almost $3 million a year, the net worth is rising at a solid rate.

Sean Howard:BRW has dumped the Ozemail founder this year, claiming some of his investments have struggled but we don’t buy this, especially given the success of ventures such as Webcentral.

Craig Winkler:
The co-founder and largest shareholder in MYOB is another who has been unfairly dumped by BRW. Has other investments outside his major technology play.

We’ve also had our most embarrassing CRW entry so far with Mark Davison on Friday. One subscriber writes:

Think your blokes mixed up a few things with Mark Davison as being in the CRW. Davison was on the board of Berren Asset Management which managed IWI, the largest shareholder in BRL Hardy when the bid by Constellation happened, which is where the “relevant interest” came from. The bloke has had a few creditors chasing him over the past few years and is rumoured to be worth closer to $110k rather than $110 million.

CRIKEY: Sorry, Davison has been removed. We’ve also removed NFF President Peter Corish after representations that he doesn’t own property in Toorak and has a farming empire that falls short of $110 million. Any other corrections and additions should be sent to [email protected].