Melbourne Age editor Andrew Jaspan, at his news
conference yesterday, asked the other editors: “If Mick Gatto was
innocent, who did it?” (Gatto didn’t deny shooting Andrew Veniamin, but
was acquitted of murder charges after his lawyers argued he was
defending himself).

The Qantas punch-up occurred in LA
Friday night after the guys had watched a replay of the Kostya Tszyu
fight in the Lounge provided by the Bonaventure Hotel, it is also part
of the location used for Big Arnie’s movie,True Lies. The
testosterone aura was too much. Truth is, it was more push and shove
than anything else, the third person involved merely intervened to
break up the disturbance. Interesting to note no media source has asked
AFAP (the pilot’s union) for comment on any of these allegations.
Contrary to reports, the pilot involved in the Tokyo incident has not
been sacked.

The price of The
Worst Australian
will rise from 27 June from $1 to
$1.10 Monday-Friday – extremely inconvenient for retailers who’ll now need
more coin in their tills. Not sure about the
price of the Saturday edition – presently $2. Also, the paper has
a new sports editor. Paul Armstrong has poached Craig Nitschke from The Sunday
. Incumbent Ray
Wilson has been moved sideways but stays and is apparently
happy with the change.