challenge the sour puss described as “An ABC Local Radio insider” to
have the courage of their ill-considered conviction to identify
themselves plus attempt to substantiate their comments about radio
current affairs. In my experience, media releases are rarely used. Not
that there’s necessarily anything wrong with them, if you see them for
what they are.

If you had any clue, you’d know that most current
affairs stories are generated by independent minded individuals before
and during discussions at daily conference. As to the merit of the
stories: oh just a conga line of prestigious industry awards stretching
back longer than your memory.

I challenge whoever you are to an
audit. Just a week. We’ll monitor your use of media releases and you
can monitor ours. Just remind us – what backwater are you in?

be curious to read the scientific survey which supports the assertion
that “there are plenty of Local Radio listeners who believe Caff has
too large a presence on the network.” Really? Perhaps if some
presenters and producers in Local Radio stopped badly impersonating the
r/caff division audiences might find your efforts more attractive.

As to the block between 7:45am and 8:30am (when the ABC runs its morning news bulletin and the AM
program) – remind me: is that the same highly rated block that I listen
to when I’m in Australia? If you want to build an audience, stop
pedalling for your ego and whining about a division that probably
refused to hire you. D*ckhead.