After Andrew Johns’s stellar performance in Origin Two, it was inevitable
comparisons would be made with Wally Lewis, and the other five official
“immortals” of the game. These comparisons fill sports pages and occupy “open line” callers, but
are they really necessary?

I think not. Those of us who have been privileged to watch most of the
immortals – Lewis, Gasnier, Raper, Beetson, Langlands and Fulton – over the last
30-40 years surely rate all of them highly, very highly. Younger readers will probably only recall Lewis, and maybe Fulton and
Beetson at the end of their long careers.

I hope all can agree on one point. Andrew Johns is on the road to being
an immortal in the game. And we should feel privileged to be able to watch live (well sometimes
live) all his magnificent skills on display as they were on Wednesday night.

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