Is there anybody in Victoria that Herald Sun columnist Andrew
Bolt isn’t fighting with? Last week he crossed swords with Crikey
founder Stephen Mayne in an angry exchange on ABC radio over what Bolt
claimed was an on-air “vendetta” against him.

Just a couple of
hours ago Bolter had another on air-stoush with Ross Warneke, the
fill-in presenter on Melbourne’s other main talk station 3AW over
Bolt’s claims, in today’s Herald Sun, that Sheik Elhilaly had no right to claim credit for helping to free Douglas Wood.

yet again reasoned argument went out the window in favour of
chest-beating pomposity and barely controlled fury. Either Warneke was
hamming it up on the assumption that staged conflict is good radio or
there was genuine animosity between the two:

BOLT: My article…
says it’s astonishing that a spokesman claimed the credit for the
mufti, making claims that were fictitious. You have to ask questions
about why on earth this preposterous scenario was put forward byand his spokespeople.

Do you give the guy credit for anything whatsoever?… Andrew the guy
may have contributed to saving the life of an Australian…

BOLT: I acknowledge that…

WARNEKE: Andrew give the guy some credit…

BOLT: “I do.”

the agreement on this key point didn’t alter the temperature of the
debate a single degree. Warneke continued to pursue Bolt angrily and
then had a little self-righteous tanty before he hung up.

WARNEKE: You are reactionary Andrew, I thought you’d see sense. Goodbye. That’s absurd. This guy is just absurd.

3AW have been concerned that the ABC had encroached on its lowbrow turf
with the entertaining Bolt vs Mayne stoush last week?