The tranquil Megalong Valley in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney is abuzz
with talk of a recent weekend visit by Channel Nine staffers. They’d booked one of
the better retreats in the valley, an establishment on several hundred acres
with a homestead that sleeps up to 16. After the weekend’s activities, the local
recyclers collected 36 cases of empty bottles. Tranquillising themselves for
Tsunami Sam perhaps?

And this week Andrew Bolt was spotted outside Fairfax HQ in Sussex Street Sydney (just down the road from his old masters in the ALP).

Frank Lowy was seen coming out of the Arsenal Stadium in London. Official duties as chair of Football Australia?

Alan Kohler was spotted interviewing The Australian’s
semi-retiring Robert Gottliebsen this week. Gottie’s reflections over a
30 year career of business commentary will presumably be run on Inside Business this week.

And The Fin Review’s own “sighting” was a little offbeam given this letter from Rene Rivkin’s widow Gayle in today’s paper: