Could it be true? Rupert Murdoch and… Hillary Clinton? That’s what this week’s New York Observer is saying in a piece that starts like this:

Hillary Clinton hasn’t had her Hayman Island moment. Yet.

is a resort off Queensland, Australia, to which Rupert Murdoch flew
Tony Blair in 1995 for the annual conference of his right-of-centre
media megalith, News Corp.

It was a crucial step in the
complex and surprising negotiation between the two men that would boost
Labour’s Mr Blair up the little stoop and through the door at 10
Downing Street two years later.

Now, the spectre of an alliance
between Mrs Clinton and Mr Murdoch – two of the most powerful and
guarded figures in the world—is beginning to whet the appetites of the
chattering classes.

According to the story by Ben
Smith, Murdoch and Clinton speak of each other (through surrogates) in
really positive terms: “Senator Clinton respects him and thinks he is
smart and effective,” according to a Clinton spokesman, and “Rupert has
respect for her political skills and for the hard work that she’s done
as a Senator,” according to News Corp executive vice president Gary

As the story says:

What a couple they’d make! For the 74-year-old native of
Australia, an embrace of Mrs Clinton would be only the latest in a long
string of daring and (mostly) winning political plays. For New York’s
junior Senator, it would be the perfection of an art that she and her
husband have practised for more than a decade: keeping your enemies

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